Intelligent Retail

Taking Advantage of Multi-Channel Retail Without Suffering the Headaches

Adding an online presence to an existing, physical retail operation can be one of the most effective ways of discovering new opportunities. It is easier than ever to do so, too, with companies like Amazon and eBay doing everything possible to make getting started easy. Even setting up a new, independent eCommerce portal is often relatively simple and cost-effective, as platforms like Magento provide, out of the box, what most operations will need.

On the other hand, expanding in this way also means taking on more responsibilities. Even while running a traditional retail store can be complicated and demanding, coupling that with the oversight of one or more online channels can be truly exhausting. In addition to managing these presences on their own terms, store owners become tasked with making sure that developments on one front are reflected in the systems and processes of others.

That simple fact has put many retail operators off from seeking to bolster their fortunes online. While it is understandable that some would prefer to keep things as simple as possible, particularly when existing levels of success would seem to make this realistic, the fact is that there are good ways of enjoying what eCommerce has to offer without needing to deal with its seeming complexity.

Companies like Intelligent Retail, in fact, are entirely dedicated to making this so. Having studied the ways that multi-channel operation poses challenges to retailers, they have developed some solutions that any store owner or operator can live with.

The Connect point of sale technology, for example, replaces traditional POS systems while augmenting the usual slate of capabilities. Connect POS makes retail easy because it allows for the management of every active channel from a single, simple interface, instead of a store operator needing to jump from one portal to the next.

Centralizing all of a store's channels within a single system also means that many of the typical headaches simply go away. Instead of needing to be mindful of how orders through an online channel might impact operations at a physical store, for example, a retailer can be certain that all of this information will propagate appropriately throughout a single, cohesive system.

As can be seen at, that makes it much easier to run a modern, multifaceted retail operation. Instead of being put off by the apparent complexity of retail of this kind, many retailers would therefore do well to seek out and use tools that are designed to improve

the situation.